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Questions and Answers from the Bible
by Les Feldick

Special note on how this book was assembled


Part A - Beginning Faith

(1a) How do we know the Bible is really the inspired word of God ?
(2a) What are the attributes of God ?
(3a) Why did God create us ?
(4a) Is an unbeliever an enemy of God ?
(5a) What is faith ?
(6a) Who is the Lord Jesus Christ ?
(7a) Why did Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit ?
(8a) Why did the Lord Jesus Christ give Himself to die for us ?
(9a) What is the only way to be saved during this present age of grace ?
(10a) How were people saved in Old Testament times ?
(11a) What are the attributes of Satan ?
(12a) What are the three temptations ?
(13a) What are the two kinds of death mentioned in the Bible ?
(14a) Where do we go when we die ?
(15a) Will people that are not saved be judged according to their works ?
(16a) Will people that are saved be judged according to their works?
(17a) When did God lose the human race ?
(18a) What is the one reason God sends someone to Hell ?
(19a) How can God Who is a God of love and mercy possibly consign people someday to that awful Lake of Fire ?
(20a) What else does the Bible say about atheists and non-believers ?
(21a) How does the Bible describe the eternal heaven and earth ?
(22a) How should we pray ?
(23a) How can I know that Im really saved ?
(24a) What is the key to understanding the Bible ?

Part B - Building Faith

(1b) What is the difference between Law and Grace ?
(2b) What is the difference between the Peter's gospel and Paul's gospel ?
(3b) What part of the Bible should new believers be reading ?
(4b) What is the one true church ?
(5b) What is the primary function of the local church ?
(6b) How can we help others to be saved ?
(7b) Will God talk to us ?
(8b) What is the meaning of baptism ?
(9b) What is the role of the Holy Spirit ?
(10b) How can we understand the Trinity ?
(11b) In the Age of Grace, what does the bread and wine (communion) speak of ?
(12b) Will God perform miracle healings ?
(13b) How should someone that is saved deal with sin ?
(14b) Are we supposed to give 10% of our income for a tithe ?
(15b) What does the Bible say concerning marriage ?
(16b) How can you help an unbelieving spouse find the Lord ?

Part C - Complex Questions and Others

(1c) Why did God require a blood sacrifice ?
(2c) How was Lord Jesus Christ born without sin ?
(3c) Can a TRUE believer fall from grace ?
(4c) What really happened during Noah's flood ?
(5c) How was Noah's Ark a picture of the eternal security of a TRUE believer ?
(6c) What is the unpardonable sin ?
(7c) When was the earth created according to the Bible ?
(8c) How can God send people to hell that have never heard the Gospel ?
(9c) Will there be different degrees of punishment for those sentenced to hell ?
(10c) What is the origin and role of the various races of people ?
(11c) What does the Bible say about false religions and horoscopes ?
(12c) What is the origin of the customs and traditions associated with Christmas, Easter, and April Fool's Day ?
(13c) What does the Bible say about capital punishment ?
(14c) What was the purpose of circumcision ?
(15c) What is the Gospel that will be preached during the tribulation ?
(16c) Is the gift of tongues for the Church today ?

Part D The End Times

(1d) What is the sequence of events in the end times ?
(2d) What is the rapture ?
(3d) When does the Bible indicate that the tribulation will begin ?
(4d) Will the rapture occur before the tribulation ?
(5d) From what government will the Anti-christ ascend to power during the tribulation ?
(6d) What are the characteristics of the Anti-christ ?
(7d) What mission will the two witnesses fulfill during the tribulation ?
(8d) What mission will the 144,000 Jewish men fulfill during the tribulation ?
(9d) What will happen during the first 3 years of the tribulation ?
(10d) What is the mark of the beast ?
(11d) What will happen to America during the tribulation ?
(12d) What will happen during the second 3 years of the tribulation ?
(13d) What will happen to churches and religion during the tribulation ?
(14d) Will some people live through the tribulation ?
(15d) Can people that hear the Gospel during the Age of Grace and refuse it, be saved during the tribulation?
(16d) What will happen during the battle of Armageddon ?
(17d) What will take place during the 1000 year Kingdom Age ?

Part E Answers from the Quarterly Newsletters

(2e) Why do you use the word Palestine, when it is not even in the Bible?
(3e) Question about Tithing and keeping Saturday Sabbath
(4e) Malachi 1:2 says, "Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated." Was God being unfair?
(5e) What does I Timothy 4:10 mean? "For therefore we both labor and suffer reproach because we trust in the living God who is the Savior of all men, specially of those who believe."
(6e) Genesis 49:10, we read, "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come, " Who is Shiloh?
(7e) In the light of Isaiah 65:17, do you think we will know each other in Heaven?
(8e) Then what about loved ones who are not there?
(9e) For whom was Matthew 24 written ?
(10e) Why did Mary Magdalene not recognize Jesus in John 20 ?
(11e) Then, why did He refuse her touching or embracing Him ?
(12e) I have heard you speak of the 7 "I AM's" in the Old Testament and the 7 in John's Gospel. What are they ?
(13e) Are we a covenant people ?
(14e) Will the Body of Christ go into or even through the tribulation ?
(15e) Why didn't Jesus write any of the books of the Bible ?
(16e) If all are called and few are chosen, and none can come unless called - why are we to testify and witness?
(17e) Did Jesus go down to Hell the three days and three nights He was in the tomb?
(18e) "Is the Day of the Lord and the Day of God in II Peter 3:10-15 the same?"
(19e) "Does the believer have two natures?"

Special note on how this book was assembled:

Les Feldick has recorded more that 600 Bible teaching television programs. The program transcripts have been assembled into books of twelve transcripts each, and there are now 82 books.

The questions that are answered in this book were written by Paul Hartley, who also assembled the answers to the questions by gathering passages from Les Feldick's books which address each of the questions. Additional editing was then provided by some of Les Feldick's other Bible students. Care has been taken to confirm that the selected passages properly address each question for which they are provided as the answer. This process is explained here so that the readers will not think that Les Feldick provided each of these specific answers when asked each of these specific questions.

The exceptions to this process are those questions and answers in the section, "Answers from the Quarterly Newsletters". In those answers, Les has responded to specific questions that he has received from students.

This book also contains some notes of clarification provided by the students who assembled and edited this book. These notes are labeled as "Editor's Note:" so that the readers may clearly distinguish them from Les Feldick's commentary.

Effort has been taken to include enough surrounding text to preserve the context of the quoted passages. Never-the-less, readers are encouraged to study the books in order to more fully grasp the context. For this reason the book number, lesson number, and part number are given for each quoted passage.

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