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Recommended Reading

The following are some of the books that Les Feldick has in his Library and highly recommends:

Questions and Answers from the Bible – Answers to more than 90 Bible questions taken from Les Feldick’s past television programs. Paperback available from Les Feldick Ministries, $11.

Romans – by William R. Newell

En Route to Global Occupation – by Gary Kah

The Demonic Roots of Globalism – by Gary Kah

Things that Differ – by C. R. Stam

Two Babylons – by Alexander Hislop

From Time Immemorial – by Joan Peters

Six Days of War – by Michael Oren

O Jerusalem! – by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

The Second Coming of Babylon – by Mark Hitchcock

The Silence of God – by Sir Robert Anderson – Kregel Publishing – Grand Rapids, MI

The Coming Prince – by Sir Robert Anderson – Kregel Publishing – Grand Rapids, MI

Things to Come – by Dwight Pentecost.

The Life and Epistles of Paul – by Conybeare and Howson - Les Feldick says it is, "not impressive theology, but a good source of history and geography of Paul's day."

Romans – by Martyn Lloyd Jones.

The Seven Dispensations of God - by Norma Todd - To order this book, email Norma at todd_norma@yahoo.com.  The cost is $15 including postage and handling.

We have had several calls in the past on which Bible Les and Iris use. So here they are:

Scofield Study Bible – (King James Version) 1917 edition - This is the Bible that Les uses in his teaching and study. [ISBN number 0195274822 Model Number 294]

J. Vernon McGee Study Bible – (King James Version) - This is the Bible that Iris uses to show the scripture on the TV program.

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