Through the Bible with Les Feldick

October - November - December 1999

Dear Friends in Christ: First and foremost, thank you so much for your prayers – especially as we travel. We enjoy our trips, but mostly because we know we have multitudes of you praying for us constantly. What a blessing. Secondly, we are thankful for your financial support and your love of the Word. We are living primarily in a godless society, yet God is opening the hearts and transforming the lives of so many.

The seminars have been so rewarding. Since our last newsletter, we have met like-minded believers in the Pennsylvania Seminar. That seminar drew folks from Detroit, Columbus OH, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and other areas of Maryland and West Virginia. From Pennsylvania, we traveled down to Charlotte, North Carolina, for another Saturday seminar. That was another exciting day meeting some folks from South Carolina who had accompanied us to Israel and Petra.

We had a great time teaching in the Carmel Presbyterian Church Sunday morning and we were home by Monday night. Tuesday it was back to the ranch routine and harvesting a tremendous crop of hay. After we got that all finished, we headed out for Denver, Colorado, on the 17th of August for a Saturday Seminar. Then, it was on to Washington State to answer a Macedonian-like call for help. In Washington, we were again surrounded by love and appreciation as we rejoiced in being able to connect so many names and faces, and to hear how so many were being reached, by God’s grace, with the Gospel.

We returned home the 1st of September and resumed our Oklahoma Bible study classes and ranching duties. Now, it is time to recuperate before we hit the road again for another set of seminars. Again, your prayers and thoughtful support make it all possible.


Thank you so much for your continued help in making my job go more smoothly. You are doing a wonderful job of using the memo line of your checks/money orders or enclosing a short note. We are fast approaching the last quarter of the year. I will be mailing out billing statements sometime in October. Thank you for paying your bills so promptly and if you get a statement that has crossed a payment in the mail, just pitch it.

Also, as many of you know, my husband makes fine hand-crafted wood furniture. We will be heading to Pennsylvania the middle of September for Penn's Colony Rendezvous with other crafters. I will be out of the office for those couple of weeks. Laura is going to fill in for me to some extent while I am gone so that the mail doesn't pile up too much. But, if your order is not filled quite as promptly or you have a problem, please be patient and contact me as soon as I return the 1st of October. We will rectify the problem as quickly as possible at that time. In His Grace, Kimberly Feldick.


Thank you so much for your support in both prayer and finances. Please continue to uphold us in prayer that we may be good stewards for our Lord and be wise with financial decisions. For those interested, as of August 31st, 1999, 96 cents out of every donated dollar has gone directly back into television time. God is so good to provide! God Bless You! Laura Thomas, bookkeeper

Questions & Answers, Letters, Etc

Question: I have heard you speak of the 7 "I AM's" in the Old Testament and the 7 in John's Gospel. What are they?

Answer: Old Testament:

1, Genesis 22:13 & 14 Jehovah Jireh I AM your Provider.

2. Exodus 15:26 Jehovah Rapha I AM your Healing.

3. Exodus 17:8 15 Jehovah Nissi I AM your Banner.

4. Judges 6:24 Jehovah Shalom I AM your Peace.

5. Psalms 23:1 Jehova Ra-ah I AM your Shepherd.

6. Jeremiah 23:6 Jehovah Tsidkenu I AM your Righteousness.

7. Ezekiel 48:35 Jehovah Shammah I AM Present (with you).


New Testament: Before John 8:48-58 - Before Abraham was I AM

1. John 6:48 I AM the Bread of Life.

2. John 8:12 I AM the Light of the World.

3. John 9:5 I AM the Light of the World.

4. John10:11 I AM the Good Shepherd.

5. John 11:25 I AM the Resurrection and the Life.

6. John 14:6 I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

7. John 15:5 I AM the Vine.

8th - New Beginning Revelation 22:16 I AM the Bright and Morning Star.

When does the morning star appear? At the end of night and the beginning of a new day!



Focus on Our Friends

--- Dear Les & Iris, I can't tell you how much I enjoy Through the Bible Ministry. I have been watching (studying) with you for a year now and every program I learn something. It just blesses my soul tremendously. I can't express my feelings too well, but I do know the more I study and the deeper I go into the Word, I fall deeper in love with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you say, if the Lord tarries, keep teaching. My prayers are with you and your family. C.B., North Carolina

--- Les and Iris, I look forward to each lesson. I'm learning so much! and enjoying my Bible so much more. Actually, the joy is being able to understand what I am reading. It truly is simple. We are the ones who made it complicated. God is so good. All praise and glory to Him! May His blessing be on your ministry and your family. C.S., Indiana

--- Dear Les, To have attended church so many years and know so little! Our small group is so blessed by your teachings. Our Bible’s no longer are gathering dust. The pages show use. Our memory may not be as in our youth, but our hearts are improving. With much appreciation and thanks, God Bless. R.K., Indiana

--- Dear Mr. Feldick, I'm writing to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy your Bible study program. I was flipping through the channels one morning and there you were. We have been watching your program since that time. I work outside the home, so we tape your program and listen to it every evening. Before I found your program, we did not read the bible on a regular basis. But, now we study the Bible every evening with you because you explain Scripture in such a unique way that we can understand it. God has certainly given you a gift to teach his Word. We have learned so much through your teaching ministry. God Bless you and your family. M.H., South Carolina


Shown below are Patrick and Gary Murphy, the Son and Father team of New Day Media Inc. They arrange for television airtime and keep track of the tapes that are distributed to stations and networks.

Gary has been involved with Les Feldick Ministries from the beginning. After a successful 12-year career in television he started his own media firm just a little over a year ago working along side his son.

Gary’s son Patrick is a Junior at The University of Tulsa. Patrick is seeking a marketing and business degree. He works full-time in the summer and part-time during the school year at the firm.

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