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July - August - September 1999

Friends: You will be receiving this newsletter on or about July 4th, Independence Day. My, how fortunate we are to live in the United States, free to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without fear of persecution or prosecution. We pray daily for those less fortunate who must keep their faith in God hidden in their hearts, lest they be attacked, imprisoned, or worse.

We must also remember, and be thankful for, the thousands of Americans who have sacrificed their lives defending our freedom and the freedom of those overseas. And please say a prayer for those who are serving our nation now around the world. We are very proud of the sons and daughters who serve and defend our great country.


SECRETARY'S NOTE: As my husband, Todd, says, "Heaveno!" You are doing a great job of noting whether your check / money order / cash is for donations or materials. It is a great help to me (and the computer) and it decreases the number of duplicate orders or incorrect orders. I do apologize for the occasional mistakes we make. We are only human and it will happen. So, if you are the recipient of an order error, please be patient with us.

Many handouts that Les mentions on the program are available from our office free of charge. For example, the Roman Road (Salvation Verses), Security of the Believer, Manifold Results of Salvation, Timelines, Doctrinal statement and biography of the ministry, etc. If you hear Les mention some handout in particular and would like a copy, please write or call us and we will try to find it for you.

Many of you host a Home Bible Study that uses Les' materials. If you are open to newcomers, please let us know the pertinent information. We have many people from around the country who wish to be in a Home Bible Study, but do not know how to find one. We, with your permission, give them a list of Home Bible Studies in their area, so that they may worship and study with fellow believers. We update our list any time new Bible Studies come to our attention.

Also, I will now be sending outstanding account statements every three to four months. I just mailed out the first batch. If you receive one and you have already paid your invoice,, just ignore the statement. Many times, my statements will cross in the mail with your payments.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support. Thank you, also, for being such a help to Iris at the Seminars. Maybe someday (when my children are older) I can come along to help her and meet many of you (whom I know by voice) face-to-face. If not, I will see you in the air! In His Grace, Kimberly Feldick.


BOOKKEEPERS NOTE: My note is basically to those interested in the financial end of the ministry. First, I want to say a BIG thank you to all those who came and supported Les (both spiritually and financially) at the Seminars in Minnesota, New Mexico & Indiana!

For those of you interested in how your donation dollars are spent. Undesignated donated dollars since Jan. 1, 1999 have totalled $278,218.64. Of this amount, $264,993.72 has been spent on television air time. This is 95% (or 95 cents of every dollar). The other 5 cents of each dollar breaks down as follows:

ē Newsletter - 1.6 cents / Missions - .9 cents / Secretary - 1.2 cents / Seminar expense - 1.3 cents

Thank you all so much for your faithful support and prayers. Laura Thomas, bookkeeper


I donít claim to be an expert on prophecy, but anyone can see that the present world events are rushing us to the time of the end. Prophecy, per se, is not being fulfilled. That wonít really "kick in" until the opening of the Tribulation.

I am always reminded of the pyramid on our one dollar bill. As world events take us closer and closer to the top, one day the final block (which is a little above the main structure) will fall in place and the "seeing eye," the Anti-christ, will rule the world. All world events are setting the stage for that man's rule.

I never try to speculate who is the best candidate. For the past 60 years, men have tried to show all the proofs that it was Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or anyone else who, seemingly, has the demonic qualifications. But, Paul writes in II Thessalonians 2:3, that the man of sin will not be revealed until after the departure (of the Church), and in verse 8, the "and then" refers back to verse 7, where again it is implied that the church will be removed first. But, the stage has to be made ready. And, we are seeing that every day.

Our Lord spoke of the days of Noah as a sign, as well as Sodom. In both scenarios, it is a picture of our present day economic binge. Read Ezekiel 16:49, Matthew 24:37 & 38, Luke 17:26, 27, 28. In both instances, their prosperity was accompanied by gross wickedness and unbelief. We never try to set dates but, by recognizing the signs, we can reasonably expect our trumpet call in the near future. For those of you who have requested prayer for lost loved ones, rest assured we pray fervently for their salvation, lest they be left behind.

Questions & Answers, Letters, Etc


Are we a covenant people?


No. Ephesians 2:12 is very plain. Our Gentile forefathers were strangers from the covenants of Promise, without hope and without God in this world. But, the flip-side, now in Christ Jesus we are made nigh, not by covenants, but by the Blood of Christ. By the finished work of the Cross, we are now in a greater relationship than even the covenants, we are joint-heirs with Christ, Romans 8:1417. The covenants were directed only to the nation of Israel. In order for the covenants to be fulfilled, Christ had to accomplish the atonement, His sacrifice of Himself. But, by His Grace that was extended beyond the covenants, and opened the windows of heaven's salvation to the whole race; beyond Human comprehension; the unsearchable riches. No wonder it can only be appropriated by Faith.


Laura Thomas is the newest member at the Les Feldick Ministries office. Laura is Les' only daughter and she is kept busy with horses, nursing, and now, label-making and bookkeeping for the ministry

Tara Thomas is 16. She is Lesí oldest grandchild and the packager for Les Feldick Ministries. She does all the packaging, the posting out, and is kept busy with other activities, including horseback riding, and listening to music. Tara has been at the ministry for a year now.

Focus on Our Friends

--My wife and I study an average of an hour a day. Les, you have taught us more in two months than I have learned in the last fifty years. - Grubb OH

--I have never had anyone explain the Bible as you do. I have tried for years to study it but Iíd come away with a lot of unrelated, though interesting, stories.

After just a month of watching you, I see not only how it all fits together, but how and what it means to me. To see how God planned it all out and then brought it about is amazing. To be set free from the burden and fear of wondering if I could ever be worthy of being His child is wonderful. You have made it so simple and easy to understand - we could never be worthy, but Jesus did it all for us. We are truly free to just love Him and others He brings across our paths.- Rohr OK

--Dear Les, You bring the Word of God to life. Thank you for your books and tapes, which were sent to me by my parents. I feel so free now that I know what salvation means! MI

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