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January - February - March 1999

Hello again from Kinta, Oklahoma! Iris and I trust that all of you in our listening audience will have a happy and safe holiday season. We feel so blessed to be near our family here in God's country in Southeast Oklahoma. Many of you who have visited us during your travels have seen the luscious green rolling hills and deep blue skies we enjoy down here. And, as Old Man Winter has been so slow to arrive, Fall has had ample time to produce a spectacular blaze of colors.

This is also the time when we get a nice break from our busy ministry schedule (though we certainly keep in shape tending the cattle and winter wheat) and take time to reflect on the greatness and loving Grace of the eternal God we serve. Iris and I feel particularly blessed to have our little ministry and the health and strength to share the Word of God with every one of you. You, our listeners, are always a pleasure to meet and talk to on the phone. Our ministry travels have rewarded us with more dear friends than we could ask for and we thank you for your outpouring of love and support.


Many people ask us if we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate the family being together (as everyone is off of work at that time of the year), and we exchange gifts (though not with regard to Santa Claus), primarily among the children. We do not, however, tie the Christmas holiday to the Birth of Christ. We believe Christ's Day is every day, and we view that as a daily opportunity to renew our appreciation for God's most wonderful Gift, his Son.


Hello! My name is Kimberly Feldick. I have enjoyed working for the ministry for four years as secretary, etc. We moved into our new office building last Spring and it has been wonderful to have the space and equipment the ministry needed.

Many thanks to all of you who donated and prayed for this building. When you call the ministry, my voice is the one you will most likely hear - aside from Les and Iris. I do the computer work on customer files and orders, the ordering of supplies for the packaging room, and after the first of the year, I will also prepare customer statements and receipts.

I have been married to Les' youngest son, Todd, for over 11 years. We have four children, Abraham - 7, Emily - 5, Gideon - 3 and Benjamin - 21 months, all of whom we are especially proud and grateful to the Lord.


What in the World

We are getting many questions regarding the Y2K (or millennium) bug. I have known of the potential problem since the early 90's. I have not stuck my head in the sand, but neither have I lent my voice to the fear mongers, many of whom, I think, are capitalizing on it by promoting the sale of generators, dried food, water purification equipment, and on and on.

We live in a world of such tremendous technological "smarts." I am confident someone will develop a sophisticated computer fix that will solve the problem. One instance has already been announced and I am sure others will be forthcoming. With the permission of the Oklahoma Living, we are reprinting an article from their editorial page.

"Good news: the lights will probably stay on when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2000. In a report to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on the readiness of the electricity industry for the Year 2000 (Y2K) computer problem, the North American Reliability Council (NERC) said the impact of Y2K on electrical systems appears to be less than first anticipated...NERC reached its decision following months of surveys of electric co-ops across the country. Ninety-two electric co-ops participated in the survey, compared to 75 percent of electric utilities participating nationwide...Despite optimistic predictions, the report recommends that the industry as a whole accelerate its pace of work, particularly in areas of testing and remediation of mission-critical systems that could be affected by Y2K problems...Deputy Energy Secretary Elizabeth Moler, who charged NERC with overseeing the industry's response to Y2K, praised the industry for being `ahead of the curve in assessing its vulnerability to the Y2K problem. We've heard horror stories about potential cascading blackouts and other terrible things that could happen. The American people rightly expect the lights to stay on when the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2000.'"

This is not to say we have no concerns. We are in the closing seconds of the Day of Grace. But, according to God's timetable, the world cannot shut down just yet. Things have to continue on until seven years of tribulation are completed. As it was in the days of Noah - they ate, they drank, they married and gave in marriage. That was not a world shut down and in chaos.

But it pays to be prudent. Keep some twenty dollar bills, some basic staples that will not deteriorate rapidly, such as beans, rice, flour, etc. In other words, be prepared as you would be for a good old three or four day blizzard!


Bookkeeper's Note: The ministry is going through many changes. We are updating to a new computer system, which will be tremendously beneficial for the secretary and bookkeeper as well as you. Beginning the first of the year, we hope to rarely, if ever, have items on backorder - we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many of you. Also, due to the new program, we are unable to give a reduction in prices for bulk class/seminar orders: Prices are as follows: Books = $6.00, Audios = $22.00, Videos = $30.00. Please remember to return your invoice along with your check or money order.

We will be closed Dec. 25 through Jan. 1st. This will give the bookkeeper and secretary time to update the system and files. Please have your orders in by Dec. 20th. Any orders received after the 20th will be processed after the first of next year.


Editor's Note: As with most publications, editing errors are sometimes made. In the last newsletter, I made a mistake interpreting some ministry information I received. I stated that Les does not receive any money from the ministry. I should have stated that Les does not receive a salary or any monetary compensation for his Bible teaching, or from any ministry donations (except those specifically designated as "personal"). Les has, however, recently begun receiving an income for his labor in video reproduction (the same as third party businesses receive for the ministry's book and audio production).

Secondly, please make ALL donations to the ministry payable to LES FELDICK MINISTRIES. If a donation is for Les and Iris personally, do not note that on your check. Simply enclose a separate note with your check expressing your wishes.

Finally, LFM has always maintained an open record policy and we hope to soon publish a short financial statement in future issues of this newsletter. My sincere apologies for any confusion my editing mistakes may have caused. Keith Decker, Editor


Questions & Answers, Letters, Etc

QUESTION: Were there any Gentile believers in the early Jerusalem Church?

ANSWER: There is certainly no clear-cut statement in Scripture either way. But, if language means anything at all, there were not. First of all, Christ's earthly ministry was confined totally to the lost sheep of the house of Israel with two exceptions, the Canaanite woman of Matthew 15 and the Roman Centurion. There is not a single reference to any others, implied or direct.

When the Greeks approached Phillip and Andrew in John 12, again it is implied that Jesus had no conversation with them, but spoke only of His death and resurrection (unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and die, it cannot bear fruit, but if it die --) after which He would then become the object of faith to them.

All through the early chapters of Acts, there is not one inkling of Gentiles. When, in Chapter 10, Peter is pressured to go up to Caesarea, it is obvious he was reluctant to go to a home of a Gentile, even though we are now about eight years after Pentecost. As he approached Cornelius, he states that it is an unlawful thing for a Jew to keep company with a Gentile. Does that seem reasonable if Jews and Gentiles were already together in the Jerusalem church? Then, when God makes it obvious that these Romans were now believers, Peter and the six Jews who accompanied him were astonished. And then, in Chapter 11, when Peter returned to Jerusalem, they upbraided him for going to Gentiles. Later in Chapter 11:19, it is as clear as language can make it, that when the Jerusalem believers were scattered by Saul's intense persecution, they went everywhere preaching the Word (Old Testament) to none but Jew only. Only at Antioch does the Scripture record the entrance of Gentiles and it was at Antioch that the believers, now mostly Gentile, were called Christians. The Jerusalem believers were never called Christians in the book of Acts.


Focus on Our Friends

---Romans was the best eye opener I have ever encountered. You really brought to life the Bible. We've been with you since you taught Genesis, and we have learned every step of the way. This is really a God-send into our lives. P. Morgan, OH.

---I study right along with your class. I've learned so much through your teaching and clarification of the Scriptures of whom it is written to. You've helped me understand the Abrahamic Covenants and about the Israelites and how we Gentile believers are under Grace and not Law. God is really using your study in my life and surely more. Thank you for such simple but profound teaching. E. Hanson, MN

---My family and I just wanted you to know that we are grateful to the Lord and you for all that we have learned and the close relationship we now have with Him! Thank you for your courage and love you extend to us as viewers. And, by going against the world and facing persecution by being a servant for the Lord. I have enclosed this gift in hopes to help with your ministry. We wish the amount could be more and by no means does it express our amount of gratitude. If gratitude could be counted or weighed, there's not enough money or gold that could express how we feel. Because money could never buy the wonderful gift of salvation and the priceless bond that we have with the Lord Jesus. J. Phillips Family, NC

---Dear Brother and Sister Feldick, I can't express how much I have enjoyed Through the Bible Ministries. One morning while at home taking care of my ailing mother, I was channel surfing and came across your ministry and decided to see what you were selling, and was surprised to see you were teaching the Bible. You were in Acts 3:22, a book I am not very familiar with. I thought I knew the Old Testament and the Gospel's pretty well. But, Paul's writings I just couldn't grasp what he was talking about until you explained the difference between law and Grace, and suddenly the Scriptures came alive, I even understand the parts of the Old Testament and Gospel's that I didn't before.

After watching your ministry every week day for a month (with Bible in hand) I was hooked. When I had to return to work, to keep from missing a study, I video tape you everyday. I can't wait to get home and play that tape and study along with you.

I thank God for you and your family and pray that God will continue to bless your ministry. God Bless. C. Billings, NC



Due to a lack of income from the Inspirational Network audience we are cutting back to a once-a-week broadcast. The new time to catch "Through the Bible with Les Feldick" on INSP will be Tuesdays at 8:00 AM EST.

The weekly programs will include the newest programs that we have produced in the last few months. We hope to be back on daily again in the near future.


For our viewers in the Minneapolis / St Paul area: you know by now that we have changed stations to KVBM TV 45. Due to the high cost of airtime in your area we had to make a change.

We were able to buy time on KVBM Channel 45 for a third of the cost of KLGT TV 23's rates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our audience. The best way of knowing where to find station KVBM TV 45 is by knowing that Channel 45 is the Home Shopping Station.

For those of you who get your television over the air, the station can be found on the UHF dial 45. That's the easy one to answer. The not so easy answer is for those of you who have cable. It is a little harder because each city's cable outlet gives TV 45 a different cable channel number on its cable lineup. Call your local cable provider and ask just what cable channel TV 45 is on. They should be able to help you. Also the newspapers in your area may not list the cable channel because of the many different cable channels that TV 45 may be on.

This might sound confusing, so just look for the Home Shopping Station on your particular cable system in the Minneapolis / St Paul area and note the channel number. Then, when 10:00 AM comes around, Les should be there as always with great-inspired Bible teaching.


Our time-buying agent, Gary Murphy, needs loyal viewers to help him monitor problems on the station you watch "Through the Bible with Les Feldick." He needs at least two from each viewing area to call and let him know when you notice problems with the broadcast. You can reach him at (918) 250-4588.

The problems he is looking for are bad audio and video problems and programs aired out of sequence. These problems can make a difference in the perception new viewers have of the ministry. We hope that, by your letting him know of any problems your station is experiencing, he will be able to work with them to fix the situation. Thanks!

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