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Jul - Aug - Sep 2002

A Note from Les: Dear Friends: We have just returned from two weeks in Indiana and Ohio. What a great feeling to know so many have been blessed by our simple ministry. Dozens of times we heard someone say, "You changed my life." Of course, God does the changing and we are merely an instrument, but it confirms the fact that God is in it all. Also, just to hear over and over, "We pray for you every day," is such a wonderful blessing and we also love to hear how many of you are sharing His Word with others. We find it all difficult to comprehend, and all we can say is, "Thank you, Lord."

Bookkeeper / Secretary notes: We have several special products that are not on our regular reference list. They include 5 seminar videos and a new book answering 90 commonly asked questions (See Les's note). Please call us at 1-800-369-7856 or write to order these products or for more information.

The videos available are as follows:

1) Bible overview – professionally done – recorded at Concordia
University in 2001. It is a Genesis – Revelation review and is $30.00. Approx. five hours in length,

2) Study in Acts – amateur video – recorded at Hanover, OH in 2001. $10.00. Approx. six hours in length.

3) Law vs. Grace with emphasis on prophecy – amateur video – recorded at Mansfield, OH in 2001. $10.00. Approx. six hours in length.

4) A look at Resurrection – amateur video – recorded at Newark, OH in 2002. $10.00. Approx. five hours in length.

5) The Promised Land / The Second Coming – amateur video – recorded at Dublin, OH in 2002. This is a two- hour tape and is $5.00.

6) The Les and Iris story / Salvation verses – our promo tape. 30 minutes long and $10.00.

Ministry Information: For those who are fairly new to the ministry, these little tidbits may be of interest to you.

– The first TV telecast was in October of 1990.

– The first newsletter was published in January of 1996 and was mailed to less than 800 people. We are still small potatoes but our mailing list has grown to more than 18,000 people (and we are thankful for every one of you).

– The first book was transcribed in 1994.

– The books are transcribed completely free of charge by two couples in Oklahoma – Jerry and Lorna Pool of McAlester and Andrew and Sharon Martin of Terlton. The Web site is done - completely free of charge - by Matt McGee of Tulsa, OK, and Carl Mathison of Minneapolis, MN, with help from Robert Pennybaker of Tulsa.

– All donations go directly to pay our TV and radio bill. Proceeds from product sales pay the ministry's expenses and if any is left, it also goes to air time.

– The office is located on the ranch in Kinta, about 12 miles from the nearest town of any size, which, if you are looking on a map, is Stigler, OK.

One note about product orders. Be sure to allow 2-3 weeks on phone-in orders and 3-4 weeks on mail-in orders. We mail library rate and it is quite slow. Also, we are getting a credit card machine but will encourage people not to use it as the credit card people get 3% of each purchase. We would much rather wait on receiving payment unless it just works out better for you to use your card.

Attention Cruisers! An Inside Passage Alaska Cruise is planned for August 1, 2003 on Holland America Cruise Line from Seattle, Washington. If interested, please call for a brochure: 1-800-369-7856. If you signed up for cruise information at a seminar, please don’t call as we will send you a brochure as soon as we have them.

What In The World

We were involved the other day in a live interview with the radio station KKMS in Minneapolis. The lead question was, "Will the saber rattling by India and Pakistan lead to a nuclear war?" My answer was the same as I have given to comparable questions for the last 30 years. I do not see God permitting man to destroy mankind until the tribulation.

The first eruption will be in the early part of those 7 years when I feel Russia and her allies - listed in Ezekiel 38 - will invade Israel. God will destroy those enemies, supernaturally, on the hills of Israel. But, in Chapter 39, a fire falls on Russia's homeland and that could be nuclear. I think the final use of nuclear bombs will come in the final days of the "wrath of God" - Zechariah 14:12, Isaiah 24:6, Jeremiah 25:33 and Revelation 18:8-10+ which means that almost everything will be in place.

Global businesses and banking are already a reality, and global government and global religion are standing in the wings. Gross immorality, even among children, is coming to a crescendo – whereupon the Lord will say, "Enough!" and the trumpet will sound, and we as believers will be caught up to meet the Lord (and our departed loved ones) in the air. Then, God will pick up where He left off dealing with Israel in the 1st century. The revived Roman Empire (the European Community) is nearly complete, Israel is back in the land and the rest of the world is ripe for judgment. Time is running out!

As so many have asked, we are listing some books recommended by Les:

– The Silence of God – by Sir Robert Anderson – Kregel Publishing – Grand Rapids, MI

– The Coming Prince – by Sir Robert Anderson – Kregel Publishing – Grand Rapids, MI

– The Life and Epistles of Paul – by Conybeare and Howson (not impressive theology, but a good source of history and geography of Paul's day.)

– The Mountains of Israel – one of the best books I've ever read concerning Israel's right to the land. Available from Les Feldick Ministries for $10.00.

– Things to Come – by Dwight Pentecost.

– Romans – by Martyn Lloyd Jones.

– Last, but not least, we'd like to recommend a book put together by one of our listeners in Indiana - Paul Hartley. Paul has put together a book of 90 questions with answers taken from our program material. It definitely fills a need. Paul has put many, many hours of work into this and will not take any compensation. This is a great book to develop interest in the Word and what it has to say. It is 360 pages and costs $11.00. It is available through Les Feldick Ministries.

Letters From Our Listeners

The following is part of a letter we received that Les feels is representative of the fuel that keeps him teaching. We thought that you, as the supporting part of the ministry, would like to read it also.

"Dear Les, I am writing this letter to let you know what your teaching has done for me and my family. My husband has been watching you for years, but I was lost, very much an agnostic, a college educated unbeliever who scoffed at my husband's belief - I don't know how he could stand me. When our second child was born, I was up many early mornings and that is when I first heard you. Boy, did you shake me up. I had already been searching for God, but not in the right places. You shined a light on God's Word and led me home.

"I pray now for you every day. I read my Bible and even go to church (a place I never felt comfortable before). The Lord has a strong hold on me now and has changed me. I am so spirit-filled now that my husband has been renewed – my father listens to you and my friends hear from me about the Lord daily, whether they want to or not! I tape your show and pass the tapes on to whomever will take them." From a listener in Oklahoma

Attn: Local Viewers: We would like you to become a part of our regular studio audience. Les tapes once a month at the KWHB TV 47 studios in Tulsa, located at 8535 S. Memorial. The station’s phone number is (918) 254-4701. The production date is usually on the Wednesday following the 1st Sunday of each month. Please join us!

Attention Windows 95 Users: We have several FIND software programs for those of you who have windows 95 and have downloaded the books from the Internet. We have been told this is an excellent search / find program to use. They are available, while they last, for $3.00 to cover postage and handling.

The newsletters that are sent to reader's by regular mail always contain the upcoming seminar schedule, the TV and radio schedule, the class schedule, and the ministry's contact information. But on this web site, all of this information is kept current on their own pages at these four links. To avoid confusion, the older information that is less up to date has been removed from the newsletters that are placed on-line.

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