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Apr - May - Jun 2001

Dear Friends, Once again, we take this opportunity to respond to the many kind letters that we cannot answer individually. Thanks, too, for your prayers and faithful support.

- As most of you know, the daily programs are re-runs. We will go back to Genesis on April 6th - which means that those who watch the daily program have caught up to us in our taping schedule (we tape 4 programs a month, but use 20 programs a month). So, please ignore the fact that, in some programs, we look 15 years younger and even more amateurish than we do now. But, the teaching is the same.

- Also, on past programs, we offered each program for $5.00 at that time. We no longer do that, but have instead put 12 programs in Video, Audio and Book formats. Each Video of 12 programs is $30.00, each six-tape Audio Album of 12 programs is $22.00 and each Book of 12 programs is $6.00. For those of you who have been with us since almost day one, please remember that most of our audience missed all of the Old Testament and more. Television viewers - when ordering, please try to use the Book number shown on the black board.

- Watch for our July Newsletter - we will deal with the question, "Why the onslaught of Preterism, and what is it?"

Bookkeeperís Note: Please be sure to note that product purchased amount is not tax deductible - only contributions. Also, as all contributions go to TV/Radio time, ministry expenses are paid for by the sale of products (books, audios, videos). Please help out by paying for the products you receive as we currently have a very large number of outstanding invoices. Thank you, Laura.

Secretary's Note: We have an automatic list of names, to whom we send each new book, audio or video as it is printed with an invoice (about every three months). If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know. Also, if you are on that list and wish to have your name removed, at any time or for any reason, let us know.

-Attention Home Bible Study Group Leaders - If you are open to newcomers studying with you, please let us know so we can put your name and address on a list which we mail out to those interested in attending a Home Bible study in their area. Keep listening for that Trumpet! Kim.

ALASKA 2001 CRUISE - August 9th - 16th: We still have room for more explorers to travel with us on the Alaskan Cruise. The cost is $1,138.00 to $1,748.00 (per person) depending on choice of cabin. Write or call for a brochure if interested in joining us. We will be studying together every evening after dinner from 8:00pm until we are done.

Other information: In our "Letters From Our Friends" section we are reprinting a wonderful letter from one of our listeners (with their permission). Ordinarily, Kim, Laura, and our editor Keith Decker choose the excerpts for this column. But, when Iris and I first read this letter, we both felt it was so representative of hundreds of others, that is would make good material for the newsletter.

We never cease to be amazed that God, in His Grace, has seen fit to use a common farmer and his farmerís wife (yes, she has spent her share of time in tractors and combines and helping us "work cattle") in reaching so many. Some others, from a smug attitude of "I know all I need to know." Also, the many of you who have written or called to tell us, "This is the way I have always believed, but you confirm it." The answer to it all, is Ephesians 2:4, "But God...."

What In The World

PAULíS GOSPEL -- By William R. Newell

There are two great revelations, or unfolders of Divine Truth in the Bible - Moses in the Old Testament, and Paul in the New.

Someone may say, "Is not Christ the Great Teacher?" In a sense this is true; but in a real sense Christ is the Person taught about, rather than teaching, in the Gospels. The law and the prophets pointed forward to Christ; the Epistles point back to Him; and the Book of Revelation points to His second coming, and those things connected with it. The Four Gospels tell the story how He was revealed to man, and rejected by them. Christ, Himself, therefore is the theme of the Bible. Moses in the Law reveals God's holiness, and thus by means of the Law reveals human sin, and the utter hopelessness and helplessness of man. Paul in his great Epistles reveals Christ as our Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption, and All in All.

The twelve Apostles (Matthias by Divine appointment taking the place of Judas) were to be the "witnesses" (Acts 1:22) of Christ's resurrection - that is of the fact of it. They were not to unfold fully the doctrine of it, as Paul was. The twelve were with Jesus personally, and knew Him as a man; and when He died they saw it. When He was buried, they knew it personally, as eye-witnesses. And when He was raised, they found it out experientially, visiting His actual tomb, and seeing that it was empty. They were also to see and handle the physical, risen body of our Lord. And it was with them that our Lord abode on earth forty days after His resurrection, "showing Himself alive (physically, in a body) by many infallible proofs" (Acts 1:3).

*Christ, when on earth, did not "start' anything. He said, in Matt. 16:18: "I will build My Church;" but He had not yet built it. He was a "Minister of the circumcision," (Romans15:8; Matt. 15:24); and though He taught it was to discover to men their helplessness, and lead them to rely on Him. Finally, all failed in Gethsemane. Then came the Cross and the end of all things human. Then the resurrection, and a new beginning.

This great fact -- that is, that the Person that the Jews themselves well knew they had crucified and buried, was risen from the dead and ascended to heaven-this tremendous fact the twelve Apostles witnessed to Israel at Jerusalem, and everywhere else. Thus we find the opening chapters of the Book of Acts filled with the single testimony that Jesus of Nazareth had risen from the dead; and that remission of sins was through Him

But unto none of these twelve Apostles did God reveal the great body of doctrine for this age. Just as God chose Moses to be the revelator to Israel of the Ten Commandments, and all connected with the Law dispensation; so God chose Saul of Tarsus be the revelator and unfolder of those mighty truths connected with our Lord's burial, resurrection, and His ascended Person. And all the "mysteries" or "secrets" revealed to God's people in this dispensation by the Holy Ghost are revealed by Paul. Finally, Paul is the unfolder of that great company of God's elect, called the Church, the Body of Christ, the individuals of which body are called members of the Body of Christ - members of Christ Himself.

No other Apostle speaks of these things. Peter himself had to learn them from Paul (II Peter 3:15-16). When Paul finishes his thirteen great Epistles (Romans to Philemon), those which belong to the Church, God indeed permits him to give a message to the Hebrews. This is not part of the Church's doctrine but is simply explaining to Hebrew Christians the character, the real application, the typical meaning, of their Levitical system - that is, how it pointed forward to Christ,

James addresses his Epistle to "the twelve tribes" - that is, his Epistle has special reference to the Jewish Christians in the early days, and to such throughout the dispensation, for that matter. Peter writes to "the strangers who are sojourners of the Dispersion," that is, to the dispersed Jews who acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah.

In the second of Galatians we are distinctly told by Paul, that James, Cephas and John were to go to the circumcision, while Paul tells us that his message was to the Gentiles. Since then the testimony by the Jewish Apostles to the Jews was duly given, there is now no distinction between Jews and Gentiles; and Paul's message holds good for the world, both Jews and Gentiles.

So that we find Paul finally sets the Jewish nation aside in The last chapter of the Book of Acts, and opens his great Epistle to the Gentile center of the world with the statement that "there is no difference" between men; for "all have sinned;" and that there is again "no difference," for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shalI be saved," since the same Lord is "Lord of all" (Rom. 3:22-23 and Rom. 10:12).

God does as He pleases, and it pleased Him to choose - first to save people in this dispensation through "the foolishness of preaching," or the "preached thing"- that is, through the message about the Cross, and what was done there (See I Cor. 1:21). And second, it pleased Him to choose Paul to be the great proclaimer and revealer of just what the Gospel is for this dispensation.

You can judge any man's preaching or teaching by this rule - is he Pauline? Does his doctrine start and finish according to those statements of Christian doctrine uttered by the Apostle Paul?

No matter how wonderful a man may seem in his gifts and apparent consecration - if his Gospel is not Pauline, it is not the Gospel; and we might as well get our minds settled at once as to that. Paul calls down the anathema - that is the curse of God Himself - upon anyone who preaches any other Gospel than that which he declared (Gal. 1). To be continued next newsletter...

Letters From Our Friends

Dear Les and Iris,

I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoy and appreciate you Bible teaching. You have been a real blessing in my life. As so many others who watch your program, I understood very little of what the scriptures were saying. Since youíve been teaching Galatians and Ephesians, I realized that I wasnít born again when I was baptized in the church at age 12. Our church taught that salvation was based on "repent and be baptized" plus perfect works. For a little while I thought I had escaped Hell because I had been baptized, but that didnít last long. Every Sunday the screaming from the pulpit drilled into me that if I didnít live sin-free the rest of my life, I was going to Hell. What a burden!

As a result, I quit going to church when I started college and stayed away for almost 30 years. Iíve since been attending a church for the last two years. Our Pastor spent the last year preaching on the Ten Commandments and our obedience to them. So you can see I have to rely heavily on your spiritual insight and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If I had been taught the truth of the Scriptures from the beginning as you teach it, my whole life would have been different. I wasted so many years walking in darkness. But your teaching shines a bright light on the Word so that it fits together so clearly. Because of it I know that it takes more than believing in the historical fact of Christís death, burial and resurrection, but that we must also believe He paid our sin debt in full. He did everything that had to be done, and the way to Salvation is Faith + Nothing. We are so easily deceived - itís a miracle of God anyone understands the real truth. I pray that somehow most people who claim to be Christians really have been born again - despite the false doctrine of works that so many denominations add to the Cross.

I feel sheepish about condemning the legalistic doctrine of the Church that seems to focus on everything except the work of the Cross. Now I can recognize the legalistic, perverted and false doctrine of my own church for what it really is, and have "removed that plank from my own eye."

Your show is the highlight of each day. A friend in my Bible study told me about you last December and Iíve been watching ever since. We were studying Revelation, and you were also in Revelation (on Channel 45 in Minneapolis). I was hooked from then on. You didnít need to worry that viewers would lose interest when you moved on from prophecy. As fascinating and exciting as prophecy is, your insightful teaching brings life to all the Scriptures. It is so apparent that God has poured out His anointing and Spirit on you. I look forward to meeting you both someday in Glory! Soon I hope. Please accept my contribution to help in a small way in getting the truth to as many people as possible. You are always in my prayers. C.A. MN

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