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Jul - Aug - Sep 2000

Dear Friends, Once again, Iris and I have to take this means of responding to your many letters. I hope you all realize we love to read every letter (please keep them to one page or less), but it is all we can do to keep up with the questions, let alone answer every letter. But, we do share with your joys and sorrows.

We have just returned from seminars in Denver, Albuquerque and a mini one in Phoenix. It is always a pleasure to renew old acquaintances and make new ones. Again, we thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. As the Lord supplies, we keep reaching into new areas. We need your prayers as we now enter San Francisco and Wichita, Kansas.


We are planning another trip to Israel in 2001. The departure date is scheduled for April 16th, 2001. If you would like more information, please call or write for a brochure. Early registration will save you money and allow us the necessary time to plan ahead so as to make the trip as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. A trip to Israel makes the Scriptures so real, as we are able to walk on the the very ground that Jesus walked upon. Please make plans to join us if possible. We would love to have you. Please note: We only have a certain number of color brochures for distribution. When those are out, we will mail only black and white brochures.


Secretaryís Note: A word about new materials. If you watch a weekly program, you will notice that we are now in Book 43. But, we do not have Book 43 available for purchase, yet. We tape 4 programs a month and there are 12 programs in each book. It takes several months to transcribe and edit each new booklet from the print shop from the time you see it on the blackboard.


Also, we mail our materials Library Rate (4th class), so please allow 4 -6 weeks for arrival of your materials, unless you specify priority mail. I know it is only July, but if you wish to give materials as Christmas gifts, please order early to assure that they arrive on time. Also, we have had listeners who have expressed concerns about us giving the names of our database away to other companies. Our computers are not hooked up to the phone lines, e-mail, or Internet, so there is no chance of others stealing our database. And, we never have and never will give your names or addresses or phone numbers to anyone. You are all precious to us. Keep looking up toward the Eastern Sky. In His Grace, Kim.


We will be leaving for our Alaska cruise/seminar on July 19th. Those of you who are joining us are truly in for some of Godís most amazing handiwork. Please pray for us as we travel, and that we will return refreshed and with a new zest for witnessing to those who need to hear the Word.


Television Notes: We want to thank the many viewers who have made special gifts for making Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired possible. Thank you so much. It is so important that we are also able to reach those with physical limitations with Godís word. If anyone else would like to make a special offering to help us with this undertaking it would be greatly appreciated. Please make your gifts to the ministry and note the gift for "Closed Captioning."

New TV and Radio Stations: "Through the Bible" is now on four additional TV stations - Nashville, Wichita, Washington DC and Minn./St.Paul. We are also on a new radio station in Minn./St. Paul.

Questions & Answers

Question: Malachi 1:2 says, "Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated." Was God being unfair?

Answer: First, the term 'hate' in Scripture is a comparative term. In other words, God's love for Jacob was so much greater that comparatively speaking, He hated Esau. Why did God have such a low esteem for Esau? Because, Esau was destitute of Faith. He had none! Hebrews 11:6, without faith it is impossible to please Him. Esau showed his total lack of faith when he gladly exchanged His Birthright, which was Spiritual, for a bowl of bean soup. He showed it again, when he married Canaanite wives and still again when he went and married a daughter of Ishmael. Everything in Esau's life showed a complete absence of faith. Nothing God said counted in Esau's thinking.

Letters From Our Friends

--I send you my love and good wishes to you both. Your books and the Bible sure do go together. Les, I have always believed in God, but, when an old dog can learn things that he couldn't see and they now come to light, it sure does wonders for me. The teachings you give open up a whole new world to me and my Bible is just blowing up in my face. Les, how can we be so dumb. Praise God. - Dailey, IN

--Hello! My name is Sarah. I would just like to tell you how much I enjoy your Bible study which comes on every morning here. My brothers, sister, and myself are home-schooled, and at first Mom made us watch it every day. Now, we turn it on without being reminded. Thanks to your show, Grandma is seeing that the Bible says that salvation is by faith through grace alone. It has been so exciting to watch her realize this! Even more exciting, Grandpa has also begun to watch and he is absolutely fascinated. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that they have both been watching as we are working through Romans where the message of God's grace and mercy is so clear. Wagner, OH

--Wish I had known you twenty years ago! I Have taught for years and am now just now getting educated. Burress, KY

--Thanks to you both! I try not to miss a day of listening. When I miss the program, I'm in a fog all day! Gill, IN

What In The World

ē Luke 21:24 - The times of the Gentiles fulfilled.

ē Romans 11:25 - The fullness of the Gentiles.

Both of these statements are referring to the time of the end. As God told Abraham in Genesis 15:16, Israel could not take the Promised Land until the iniquity of the Amorites was full. In other words, God gave the Canaanite nations 400 years to turn from iniquity, but instead they went deeper and deeper into immorality in all its forms -- Leviticus 18. Now, God could, in all fairness, bring judgment upon the Canaanites in the form of giving their land to the Children of Israel. So also today, the Gentile world is filling the cup of iniquity with the same immoral acts, leading them to the final seven years of God's Wrath and Judgment.

Running concurrently is the Body of Christ, which also is being brought to the full. When it is, God takes it out and brings in the Wrath of God, culminating with Christís return and the opening of Israel's spiritual eyes. Everything in the world today is telling us that both are nearing the full mark. Western Europe, every day, is doing things that remind us of the Ancient Roman Empire. The Middle East is a disaster waiting to happen.

Into that scenario will step the Anti-Christ bringing a seemingly permanent peace. Even allowing Israel to rebuild a temple of sorts and restore the ancient temple worship. At the same time, God is calling out people and placing them in the Body of Christ. Even our small outreach is bringing in so many. One day soon, sooner than most realize, the Body will be complete and we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air - I Thess. 4:13-18.

Other information: The ministry is now offering a new 28 minute video that includes a combination of a 12 minute Documentary of the Les Feldick Ministries along with Paulís Gospel of Salvation. This is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the salvation message of grace as taught by Les. Order your VHS copy today for only $10.00 each.

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