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Jul - Aug - Sep 2012

Note from Les

Dear Friends, First and foremost, a big thank you and P.T.L. for all of your letters of encouragement and your sacrificial offerings. As I have said before in these letters, we rejoice with you who rejoice and sorrow with you who sorrow. Since our God is omnipotent and omniscient, we are comfortable bringing every last one of you into the throne room of prayer-every day!

Now, another quarter gone, three months closer to our call upward. [II Thessalonians 2:1]. Our Florida trip was blessed beyond our fondest dreams with good numbers of folks attending, and to hear over and over ''this has changed my life'' and that is how it has to be. All too often, many have voiced salvation but with no change in lifestyle or motives. We are so thrilled to see so many embracing the Pauline truths- ''Christ and Him crucified'', the mystery among the Gentiles, Christ in you! What a far cry from those locked into the four Gospels.

After returning home we have been dealing with medical problems attendant to our age. In between we had a great day in Edmond, Oklahoma with several hundred in attendance and as always, exuberant! We are now getting ready for our trip up north to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas and that will be in August. Hope to see many of you.

What In The World

We have gotten many complaints from our listeners about other ministries writing us off as false teachers and the reason is often the same. One of their listeners reports what I supposedly said but usually have it totally wrong. You would think a responsible ministry would check us out before announcing judgment especially as all of our materials are freely available on the Internet. For example, one well-known ministry had this to say: ''Surprisingly, Bauer's two gospel view has also been embraced by the followers of Islam who use it to support their view that Jesus was the Messiah for the Jews only. There is at least one TV preacher [Feldick] that teaches this view basing it on interpretation of Galatians 2:7,8 & 9 that is taken out of context.'' Comparing the way I teach to Islam? Spurious. I wonder if this fellow knows what ''taking out of context'' is? I just want my listeners to know that these various ministries don't attack me for what I actually say most the time but rather from what someone else mistakenly thought I said. But by God's grace we will continue to ignore them. We realize the opposition is increasing. But how many become true believers in Jesus? How much opposition did the apostle Paul endure? So continue to pray for us as we uphold the truth and not the traditions of man.

Program Note

Recently we have some calls asking why Les did not cover Galatians 6 on the program, Les' answer, He was anxious to get into Ephesians.

Laura's Note

I know that many people wonder why I focus so much on the rapture. In actuality, I have often thought about other things that I could write about and of course the subjects I could choose from are without number. God's word is inexhaustible as are the things that can be written or talked about with relation to it-- that is why sermon after sermon, by pastor after pastor, year after year can be preached and why song after song can be written. It is one of the things that makes our Bible alive and amazing. So why do I always come back to talking about the rapture??? I guess it is because it is my hope, my desire, my yearning to go to the place where not only my body will be made perfect, but my spirit will be made perfect and I will be in a perfect environment. It is there that I will meet my Savior face to face and I will have wonderful fellowship and perfect love with everyone else who is there. There will be no tears, there will be no sorrow, there will be no worries or problems, there will be no impatience or anger, there will be nothing negative or bad. My question would have to be, ''Why do believers NOT have heaven more in their thoughts?" And yet I already know the answer-- too many believers still hold the things of this world too dear and their dreams and aspirations here in this world are what they consider the important things. The reality of heaven is there [or certainly should be if they are true believers] but they are wrapped up in the things of this world. What a sad commentary. Somebody once said that the desire for heaven is proportional to the spiritual maturity of the believer. Often times I'm afraid this is true and it is a sobering thought. I still read as many headlines as I can, looking for clues that link current events to what is foretold in God's word and it is my humble opinion that there are getting to be a lot of things happening in this world that seem to be lining up exactly with what is foretold in Matthew and Revelation. The week of May 14, I read an opinion blog written by a financial guru, and he thinks there will be $20 trillion worth of currency printed up by various countries around the world within the next 3 to 4 years-- sounds exactly like what Revelation says will be the case. The week before, I read that the European Union is wanting to appoint a ''superpower man'' that will combine the offices of both the president and the financial minister of the European Union and that sounds like an ideal position for the antichrist to start from. Of course, that is pure speculation on my part and I may be way off the mark but it is fun to guess and fun to wonder if perhaps we really are getting that close! Who knows--I may be still here waiting for the trumpet to sound 20 years from now [but I don't really believe that!]

More Clues:

Israel is becoming more and more religious. The new coalition is finding commonalities and unity. Netanyahu says Jerusalem will not be divided-with most Israelis in agreement.[while Muslims are calling for Jerusalem to be the capital city of the United States of the Arabs. …Iran is continuing to call for Israel's annihilation. …More and more countries are turning against Israel. …More and more countries-especially within the E.U. -- are saying the Middle East problem is Israel's fault. …Israel's economy is doing good compared to most -her stock exchange staying positive, her economy growing, etc. …A Jerusalem Post article reports a call for ''war followed by comprehensive peace''. [that's another one that sounded like something out of Revelation] Iran continues to work on their nuclear enrichment while convincing Europe and America to let up on sanctions and limitations to their nuclear research and development. Meanwhile, Russia and Iran are becoming cozier and cozier. Here in America and around the world, pro life is at a record low while those saying abortion is fine is on the rise as is the gay rights movement around the world. So whether you are watching the political scene, the economics, the religious aspect, or the morality fabric--- every single facet seems to be moving quickly towards those things forecasted for the end times.

In one of the programs that aired back in early May, Les pointed out that the apostle Paul almost always addressed the Lord Jesus Christ as either Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus, or Lord Jesus Christ and very rarely use the word Jesus alone when referencing our Savior. When doing a word study it was found that Paul used the name Jesus alone only 11 times out of 205. [and most of the simple ''Jesus'' references are referencing back to His earthly ministry]. We had a few calls questioning why this is so and the answer is simple. The 12 usually addressed Jesus as ''master'' or ''Lord'' and the writers of the Gospels addressed him as ''Jesus'' when writing about him [by inspiration] because He was in His earthly form and had laid aside His glory. By the time Paul was writing, He had ascended and taken His place at the right hand of God and had taken back His glory. Paul was simply giving Him the reverence that was due.

Interesting Tidbit

A word study on how many times God's word tells us that Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles [or that he was sent to the Gentiles, etc] will show that there are 20 different references!! This more than brings out the fact that Paul was sent to the Gentiles and that he is indeed OUR apostle. They are as follows:

Acts 9:15, Acts 13:46-47, Acts 14:27, Acts 15:2, Acts 15:12, Acts 18:6, Acts 21:19, Acts 22:21, Acts 26:16-18, Rom 1:13, Rom11:13, Rom 15:16, Gal 2:2, Gal 2:7-8, Eph 3:1, Eph 3:8, 1 Tim 2:7, 2 Tim 1:11, 2 Tim 4:17.

Another Interesting Tidbit

Tel Aviv recently was voted by the LGBT community to be the ''best Gay city of 2011''. Tel Aviv garnered 43% of the website voters! How must our God in heaven weep.

Office Note

We in the office are often asked by those who have recently discovered "Through the Bible" how Les began his television ministry as a layman/farmer. Les started teaching home Bible Study classes in the 1960s when a missionary finishing his furlough asked Les to take over his very small couples class. The reputation as a teacher followed him to Oklahoma when he, Iris, and their children moved here (Iris grew up in Poteau, OK) in 1975, and he was soon teaching open Bible Study classes several evenings a week. Eventually, a student in one of those classes who had connections to a local TV station approached Les about taping a 30 minute weekly program to air on local television. Les asked each of his classes to pray about this (by that time he was teaching classes in Tulsa, Muskogee, McAlester, Tahlequah, and Wilburton on a weekly basis.) The response was more than supportive, with the class contributing within $100 (combined) of the cost of the first months programming. Les considered this an open door and the program began airing weekly in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1990. With the help of family and faithful class members, who came to include a receptive television audience, the program went on to tape for the next 19 years, wrapping up in September of 2009. Those programs continue to air on television and radio, from beginning to end, all over the US as well as in Canada, Europe, Africa and beyond. Talk about a mustard seed!!! Just as it has been from the beginning, the program is supported by donations, 100% of which go to TV and radio airtime.

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Les Feldick Ministries staff, Kara Thomas, who also happens to be Les and Iris' granddaughter-in-law. Kara is going to be helping in several areas, but will primarily be making DVDs and CDs for the ministry. Kara has been busy cleaning, painting and rearranging the dubbing room, as well as running the equipment. She is a great addition to the office and we appreciate her help. Please include Kara and her family in your prayers.

Last but not least, please remember not to put paperclips, staples, or tape in or on your envelopes and designate on the memo line of your checks what you would like them to be used for. Thank you from all of us in the office for your prayers and support and have a wonderful summer!

Our Amazing Bible!

After reading a couple of books and some articles on numbers in the Bible, I always come away totally amazed. Take the number 8 for example: often the number 8 stands for new beginnings which seems to be the case in the first place we find the number 8. It is with reference to Noah-- there were 8 people on the ark and of course they were the seed stock to the new repopulation. Another 8 with reference to new beginnings is found in Leviticus 8 when the first high priest was consecrated-- afterwards he was commanded to stay in the tabernacle for seven days and then go out on the 8th day began his priestly duties. The next time we see evidence of 8 being symbolic of a new beginning is when Samuel anointed Jesse's 8th son and that was David. Some say that the number 8 not only stands for new beginnings but also can symbolize divinity When the name Jesus is assigned Greek numerical values , the total is 888. Considering that ''Jesus'' in Hebrew means salvation, [or new birth ] we see both divinity and new beginning. It's interesting to me that the Transfiguration was 8 days after speaking to the disciples about the coming kingdom [Luke 9], and that God spoke to Abraham on 8 occasions. It was also 8 days after the resurrection that Jesus allowed Thomas to touch Him and this was probably about Thomas taking on new faith and starting a new empowered life. Then we come to Romans Chapter 5:1 - 11, we find 8 new conditions that come to the believer as a result of the new birth. In ll Peter 1: 4-8 Peter also describes 8 promises to those who have become partakers of God's grace. Two more instances that are interesting are found in John 3 where the word ''born'' is used 8 times in the first 8 verses and finally in John 4 where the word "water" is used 8 times in verses 7:15.

Other 8's: the Israelites were encamped in 8 specific groups around the tabernacle while they were out in the wilderness, there were 8 instances where people were raised from the dead mentioned in God's word, the feast of the tabernacle is 8 days long, Elijah performed 8 miracles, [and after Elisha prayed for a double portion, he performed 16 miracles ], there are 8 references to the Old Testament in Revelation chapter 1, there were 8 writers of the New Testament, and Jewish boys were commanded to be circumcised on the 8th day . I'm sure that if an in-depth number study was done, the biblical number eight would become even more intriguing.

Iris' Recipe
Boiling Water Pie Crust

(makes 3 pies)
1 Cup Crisco
½ Cup of Boiling Water
2-1/2 Cup Flour (all purpose)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt

Add Crisco & Boiling water together and mix with mixer until melted. Add Flour, Baking powder, and salt to mixture and knead well. Roll out as needed. Keeps well in refrigerator.

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