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Oct - Nov - Dec 2008


Dear Friends, My, I did not realize how many miles that Iris and I traveled the last three months until this review. No wonder our 20-year-old grandson Jessie exclaimed, ''Grandpa, how do you and Grandma do it?''. So here is a quick recap. In June, we had a full week in central Maine, just 30 miles east of Augusta, where we enjoyed a home Bible study group of 22 ranging in age from three-60. Although small in number, the enthusiasm was great and we gathered every night for study except one. And yes, Iris and I learned how to eat lobster.

Then we were home a couple of weeks before hitting the road to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our host was somewhat worried about not having enough seats, but our God is always in control. Every seat was taken, but no one had to be turned away. The same thing happened at Berkeley Springs West Virginia. We were scheduled for two nights and both times every seat was taken but again no one was turned away. Since we had been in that area of Pennsylvania and West Virginia six times previously, we met so many old friends. Then on to Fort Mill South Carolina, which is on the southern outskirts of Charlotte, where we had a turnout that was less than expected but it was still so nice meeting with so many old friends.

The next trip was our 17th time to Minnesota and we had an exciting time. We were able to lease the facilities from North Heights Lutheran and the events manager estimated a guest turnout of 450-500. Then we had a great time at Bethesda on Sunday as well as the three-day retreat in Wisconsin, sponsored and directed by Bethesda's pastor Mark Matychuk and his lovely wife Kathy. We had 154 on the riverboat ride where we were fed a buffet lunch while enjoying beautiful scenery and then on the return ride, had a question-and-answer time. Great fun! After that we had the opportunity to spend one day with Todd and Kim and our six grandchildren before heading down to southern Wisconsin for an all-day Saturday seminar and then a Sunday morning service. My how the Lord blesses us. We were home by Labor Day just in time for the all class picnic at Beverly Ellefson's in McAlester.

As soon as I finish this note for the newsletter, I will prepare for a class tonight as well as taping on Wednesday, after which we will leave early Thursday for Iowa. We will be with the state convention of Gideon's on Friday and Saturday and then on to Rowley, Iowa where a group of churches are cooperating to give us an opportunity to speak and teach the word there. Then Monday, we'll be going to Quincy, Illinois where the TV station there is sponsoring a three-hour session. They have a 500-seat auditorium right there in their facility! From there it is back home until the Israel tour. We know that all of this is possible because of all the prayers by all of you. Everywhere we go so many tell us that we are in their prayers every single day. How we praise the Lord for the prayers of the saints.

Romans 6:14b for ye are not under law, but under grace.

II Corinthians 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God's love is the cheerful giver.

Giving is a free exercise of God's grace. It is never a commandment to those of us who are not under the law. If you never gave another dime, it would not affect your eternal destiny.

When under financial duress, do that first which reflects on your testimony. Pay your obligations first and then if you have some left, give as God by the Holy Spirit leads you to give. Where to give? Where you are being fed from the word of God and where others are being brought to salvation. As one elderly retired missionary to Africa for 35 years once told Iris and me--- if they do not preach a salvation message first, do not give them one dime. How appropriate for today. As an example of this approach to giving, we are sharing part of the letter received recently that says it all.

"I finally get it!... I really listened to Paul, through you, and KNEW it was an ordinance for Israel and not for me. I just used my tithe for our car repair (instead of borrowing money) and did not feel a bit guilty. Now when I give to my church, it will be a gift-not an obligation. I feel so free. If one law was a burden to me, how must the Jews feel with their hundreds? Thank you for teaching us."


II Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

II Thessalonians 2:6-7 and now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

These verses tell us plainly that we cannot turn things around, that we stand in the gap, as it were, against the forces of evil. Certainly, we are all aware that our biblical principles are under attack as never before. Consequently, we must vote against those unbiblical forces rather than for them. For example, if Hollywood's ''bottom of the barrel'' types are for someone, we had better vote against. If the pro- abortionists are all for someone, we must vote against. Never forget that America is still the only spiritual beacon in the world. If this is suddenly shut off, the world will indeed be ready for the Prince of Darkness.

Please vote on the basis of your biblical principles and not just your checkbook.


Dear Friends, With the arrival of autumn, we begin to reflect on the past year at Les Feldick Ministries. As the program continues to reach more households across the country, we marvel at how the message of Grace (Salvation = Faith + Nothing) continues to impact so many lives, an astounding number of which are hearing that good news for the first time. We also wonder how many more seasons will come and go before we hear the trump and shout and see our Lord coming through the clouds.

Those of us in the office all consider it such a blessing to be a part of Les and Iris's ministry. We also appreciate the friends we have made over the phone, many of which we have known for years now.

Please let us know if you would like to be removed from newsletter list or if you have had a change of address.

If you read the newsletter online and would like to stop receiving it in your mailbox let us know. Remember you can also read, listen to or download all of the programs free of charge.


The following is a letter written by a person that most of you know only as the "Redhead" sitting on the front row of Les' program for a many years now. Last fall she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was unable to attend some of the classes. We have had many phone calls asking where she (Sharon) was and how she is doing so we asked her to write note to let everyone know how her health is. Here it is:

I was admitted to M D Anderson in Houston, Texas. My brain tumor was removed on the Monday before Thanksgiving in 2007. What a wonderful place that is! They have excellent doctors and nurses and everyone that works there is a very special person. We are so thankful for them all. I have even been able to give away over 400 bars of the soap I make with words like Faith, Love, Joy, Grace etc. on them and they are sealed with a sticker showing 1 Cor. 15: 1-4 !! If I had been able to thank everyone, I certainly would have needed more. Nevertheless, many of the soaps were given to folks who were also there sick and we are praying that the Lord will speak to folks through the Scripture on the soap.

My surgery was a success and really the only problem I had was a vision problem for several weeks, but it now has cleared. Thank YOU Lord! From then until January 15, 2008 we remained there (Houston) because I was taking Radiation five days a week. We fell in love with especially one of the girls that was my radiation tech. We go visit her every time we return to Houston, and always take her soap!

Finally I came back home right after mid-January. Next was to be Chemo, which is only 5 days a month pills and then 23 days none. This will be repeated for 12 months. I have done 5 months already. We like the doctor here and he and the doctors in Houston keep track together. So far, we also go back to Houston every other month. Hopefully that can stop soon, after all, gas keeps going up! The Chemo does not make me sick. I am always tired and have little energy BUT, I can once again type Les' taping, which is used for the closed captioning for the program and also Jerry Pool gets it for preparing the Books! What a blessing to be able to help. It is the best joy in my life.

Thank you each one for every prayer for me and if I never meet you here on earth, we will meet one day with our Lord in heaven. Keep sharing the Truth (I Cor. 15:1-4) on every opportunity - our time may be short.

In His Grace, Sharon Martin

TLN Chicago/Rockford channel has changed to Channel 138 and has also expanded on the Comcast network into more Central IL communities including Champaign/Urbana, Peoria, and Springfield.


NOTE from Melissa: The following book has been on Les' recommended reading list for many years and out of publication for a number of years. We have had numerous calls asking where this book could be purchased and up until now we could only say look at used bookstores and we have even seen it on a dot com site for $400. I have worked with for the past year Kregal Publications to bring it back into print for you our listeners. In order to do this we had to purchase 500 copies and are glad to be able to offer it to you. We will not have them on hand until November but please call or write to reserve yours.

Williams Complete Bible Commentary - by George R. Williams - (Available from Les Feldick Ministries). $26


We would like to let you know there are television stations that are now broadcasting "Streaming Video" to the internet which can be watched from anywhere in the world for "FREE". I have listed a couple of these websites below for your convenience.

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The above are satellite stations on the back page of this newsletter which will give you the times and days. WHT has Les' weekend program, which is his current (to date) programs.


Black Bing Cherry Parfait

2 - Can pitted black cherries
2 - 3oz pks Black Cherry Jello
3 - Cups vanilla ice cream
8" - Piecrust (baked)

Drain & heat cherry juice to a simmer add dry jello and stir until dissolved. Add ice cream and mix well, place cherries in piecrust and pour mixture over the top. Refrigerate until hardened and eat!

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