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Jan - Feb - Mar 2006


Dear Friends,

This is our opportunity to respond to all your cards and letters. There is no way we could answer every one individually, but please keep them coming because we love every one of them. Our trip to Greece and Turkey was blessed by perfect weather and no serious sickness or accidents. A total of 96 were recruited by ourselves and Dennis Carpenter for the journey. Denny owns radio and TV stations in Minnesota that carry our program. Several others who came in via the internet also joined our group. Consequently, we had three buses just for our own group and seven more for the rest of the shipís passengers. All 10 stayed together for most of the trip. From New York we flew to Athens where we boarded our ship (which was not as large as most cruise ships we have been on) and found ourselves in a totally "Christian" environment. Prayers were said before each evening dinner in the dining room and we enjoyed good presentations of Paulís journeys at various places we visited. As far as our own Bible Study each night after dinner, the theme was "Why Paul?" Sound familiar? We sailed from Athens north to Thessalonica, took a bus from there to Berea, then sailed north again to Phillipi where we took a bus tour of the ancient ruins of that city and the river where Paul spoke to Lydia. We also had a study at the river-side. From Phillipi we sailed across to Turkey and took another bus tour to the huge ruins of Pergamon. Next, on east and to the area of Sardis. From there we sailed on south to Ephesus where the whole 400 plus gathered for a great time of dramatizations of Paul. I and two others were to take turns speaking there and as I was to be the first, I had a captive audience. I used I Corinthians 15:1-4! Faith plus nothing! Amazingly, the next gentleman spoke on James 2:20. Faith without works is dead. I so wanted to debate that subject and show the audience how James was writing to Jews who were still under the law, but I held my peace. From Ephesus we sailed to the Isle of Patmos where John in exile wrote Revelation. Then back to Athens and the ruins up on the acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Athena. Everything there is marble because it is in such abundance in that part of the world. From Athens we were bused out to Corinth and the place where Paul preached in the Agora or the market place. Again, we were back in Athens where we had dinner at a beautiful hotel. The next morning we caught our flight back to Home Sweet Home. As usual the Lord blessed us with a great group of people. We are so thankful to the Lord for each of them and the wonderful time we all had. There will be a set of three videos of this trip and teaching available around mid January to purchase together or individually, contact the ministry for details.

Some time ago we featured Daisy Thoma and her ministry in womenís prisons. This time we are presenting Steve Henry and his ministry in a large maximum security prison outside Amarillo, Texas, in addition to letters from men in prisons in Michigan and Florida. Pray for these people. God is moving in our prisons, but Satan is as well.

The following letter is from Steve Henry, director of a Bible Study in the Texas prison system.


I wanted to send you an update on the Prison Ministry Iím involved with and the use of the Bible study books sent by your ministry.

I am involved with a nondenominational Prison Ministry within the William P. Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas. It is a Maximum and Medium Security Unit housing around 3600 inmates. We are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love with these men. Many men are responding to the love and truth of Jesus Christ. The Warden and one of the Chaplains told us that about 90 percent return to prison as repeat offenders but that figure falls to around 10% for those that have been in our study program. To date, almost 900 men have been through this ministry program in the Clements Unit.

I serve as minister and personally have the opportunity to share the gospel, and counsel with some of the men. When I first joined this ministry in 1996, I found men hungry for the Word of God. I began to offer your study books to some of the men who were really interested in learning in addition to the ministry we were already doing. Most of the feed back Iíve received is that itís the best Bible Study they have done. They refer to it as a commentary Bible Study. Iíve known inmates who transferred to other prisons who started Bible studies based on your study books. Each time I go in I have men telling me what book they are on and how much they are learning. Of course, I get to answer some difficult questions and battle with those of different beliefs. There are quite a few inmates doing the Bible studies and I know itís expensive to send the books, but I want to assure you that God is using these books to change lives. I want to thank all those that contribute to your ministry and have a hand in sending your books to the Clements Unit and other prisons across the country.

The next letter is from Billy from the Clements Unit who has long been receiving our books.

Brother Les,

Itís been a while since I have written and I would like to tell you about the difference your Bible study has made in my life.

I am 55 years old and have been locked up 15 years. I have always believed in God, but I never really understood His teachings. I was brought up in the times where it was fire and brimstone and the devil is going to get you. But you donít know how to fight these things if you donít understand what God is saying and how to apply it to your life.

While in prison, I was blessed to meet Steve Henry and he introduced me to your Bible study. I wasnít sure what to think when I got the first three books. But, it didnít take me very many pages to believe that if some of these guys had this study, there wouldnít be so many that came back because they would want to follow the Lord. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a difference in my life.

I pray for you and your family, and your ministry all the time. I pray for the people out there who support you and make it possible for people in my situation to get this Bible study. Without it I would still be blind. May God bless you and keep filling you with His knowledge so you can pass in on to others. My love and prayers to you all.

The next letter comes from Leon in Michigan who has long received books and encouraged us with his notes and letters.

Dear Les and Iris,

My prayers are with you both continuously as well as the ministry and especially your daughter. Thank you for walking worthy of the vocation where with you two were called. Because you have listened to the Lord, many have come to a true knowledge of salvation! Myself being one!

Les, please tell your viewers that due to their support, lives are being changed here; lowering their prison tax dollar and adding to society a productive member...not destructive! Thanks and love and prayers.

The following short letter is from Anthony who has up to #40 in the study books.

Dear Les,

I finally got to watch one of your shows on TV. Being in prison, we really donít get much of a chance to control the TV, but I loved your show and pray for you and your family every night because if it wasnít for you and the Holy Spirit I would never have salvation nor the understanding of it. Of course, I must thank Leon (writer of previous letter) for being my spiritual guide also. Itís faith + nothing. Les, God Bless you!

The next letter is from Greg who is incarcerated in Kentucky.

Hello Les,

I am writing to ask for the next three books and I am so grateful for them because in prison itís all I have to lift my spirits - knowing I have salvation. Lots of false teaching is going on in prison and you hear so much and so many are confused. I tell people in here what Iíve learned and they act like I am in left field, but once I point it out, then they see.

People get the Law of Moses and Grace mixed and this is what gets them confused, just as it did me at one time. I see myself looking for the difference in each verse and it makes me feel good every time I hear about the mystery to be preached to the Gentiles.

Thank you for what you are doing because God is using you to help people in this day and age. I am looking forward to your booklets and once Iíve read them all Iíll read them again and again. God Bless you and your family.


We here in the office would like to bring in the New Year by thanking you once again for your wonderful faithful support. We marvel that you continue to remember us financially and pray for us regularly. It is indeed a blessing to know that so many are praying for the ministry. We also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a couple of new faces (or voices) at the office. Melissa Reese began in late August and has been such an asset due to her extensive knowledge and experience with computers. Ruby Starr began a short time later and has been a great help in many areas and especially sorting and posting the mail. They are both wonderful ladies and we are truly thankful that The Lord sent them our way when He did and reminded us, yet again, that His timing is always perfect. For those of you who are new to the ministry, we want you to know that 100% of all donations are used to purchase TV and radio air time as the program is not sponsored or underwritten by any domination or organization. If you have given during the past year and would like a year-end donation receipt, please just give us a call. Although we want to make clear that all donations are appreciated, we also want everyone to know that there is no obligation to contribute in order to receive the newsletter. We understand that many people hesitate to be added to mailing lists for the fear that their name and information will be sold or given to other organizations. Please be assured that Les Feldick Ministries never releases our database or even allows it to be put into a computer with internet access. If knowing this you still donít wish to receive the newsletter, just let us know and we will remove your name from the list.

Finally we would like to mention that while we understand that using a credit card is more convenient at times, some of you seem to think that it will get your order to you more quickly or is the method of payment we prefer. Unless they are used for a donation or an order over $100 the credit card fees absorb the small profit the ministry makes from selling the products. Profit from sales are what we use for our office and materials expenses, so we ask that unless it creates a hardship for you, to please allow us to send products with an invoice (for orders of $100 or less) and pay by check or money order.


I really feel as though I should not be taking up room in the Ministry Newsletter, but so many of you are so good to continue to keep me in your prayers and to ask about me that I thought I should write a quick update as well as convey my sincere gratitude. I have been to a rehab in St. Louis since the last newsletter and it was somewhat beneficial although my overall strength is improving, my paralysis has taken no steps forward. I am grateful that I have arm movement and that I am not passing out so often and am able to handle the colder temperatures better than last year. My prayer is that I continue to have a thankful heart and to always remember this life is but an eye blink compared to eternity. Blessings for a safe and prosperous 2006 from all of us at Les Feldick Ministries!


Peter Mucher of Beacon World Missions has been using our materials for his Ukraine ministry. They have now undertaken the very time consuming task of doing voiceovers of the program in Russian. Peter reports that these programs have been very well received. If you would like to be a part of this exciting ministry, you may send donations to Les Feldick Ministries and specify that they are for Beacon World Missions, or send directly to them at Beacon World Missions, P.O. Box 97, Trenton, GA 30752.

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