Through the Bible with Les Feldick

Apr - May - Jun 2005

A Note from Les: Dear Friends: I would like to begin by once again thanking all of you that have encouraged us through your kind notes, letters, and phone calls. Your prayers, in particular, have been felt and appreciated over the past few months. I hope you all realize that every note and letter is read and we continually pray on your behalves as well.

I have touched on the prison outreach portion of the ministry in previous newsletters, and would like to go into it in a little more detail with you now. When inmates find out about the ministry through the TV program or from other inmates, they can write us and request our little books. We then send each person three books at a time starting at the beginning. When they are ready, we send the next three. Many have now received all the books and are on the automatic book list to get the new ones as they come out. In addition to this, many folks go in to local jails or state correctional facilities using our tapes and books. This month we are featuring a young lady in Bethlehem, Pa. Next quarter we hope to have the report from a gentleman in Amarillo who has a ministry in one of the most maximum security prisons in Texas. Since this is a mission within the ministry, we do not charge for anything used in this way. The only stipulation is that they must write and request what they need. Last year, thousands of our little books went into prisons in nearly every one of the lower 48 states.

Daisy Thoma of Bethlehem, Pa began with a home Bible study for several ladies using our tapes. That led to a prison ministry for female inmates in two different Pennsylvania prisons. After a while Daisy formed her own prison ministry which she named "Masterís Touch". She now goes into both of these prisons five days a week using our tapes and books. The response has been phenomenal. Like in His earthly ministry, our Lord is still in the business of saving sinners. A few testimonies follow.

The following is a letter from Daisy Thoma:

Three years ago the Lord put it in my heart to bring your teachings into the prisons. Not only did the teachings bring understanding into my life, but it also brought it into the prison. As you read these testimonies you will see how your teachings have touched many lives. Our prayer is that you continue to be lead by the Holy Spirit to keep on teaching the Word of God and allowing other ministries to bring your teaching into prisons around the world. We give God all the glory for allowing us to bring the word into the prisons. We thank God for humble men like you. We pray that the Lord blesses you in a very powerful way for all the wonderful teachings that you have shared in the prisons. Our prayer is that the Lord blesses you and your family.

The following is a letter from Marilyn:

My name is Marilyn Maldonado. I was an inmate in Lehigh County Prison from 2002 till 2003. While I was in prison the Lord worked with me in a very powerful way. Today I could say that I will never again be the same. While I was in prison I met a mighty woman of God, her name is Daisy Thoma from Masterís Touch. She introduced your teaching to us. That is how I can say that I learned to walk the walk of the Lord. The most important part of my testimony is that I thought I was a Christian all my life. Praise God that it took a prison cell to show me what a true Christian is. Through your teachings I have learned to read and keep in my heart the word of God. Marilyn today is not the same Marilyn that went into that prison in 2002. Now I can read the word of God with better understanding and walking in the truth. Thank you Les for your teaching.

The following testimony was originally five pages long. Because of limited space, we are printing only the last half page. At the time Daisy went into the prison in 2003, twenty year old Sylvia was still into witchcraft, drugs, alcohol, and all the rest that goes along with it. But shortly after, the power of the gospel did its work and Sylvia is a new person. Her letter ends as follows:

Ö.Les Feldick has been and still is part of the reason I became the Christian I am today. I walk in all the fruits of the spirit, and give to others as God gives to me. I struggle and sin as I am a sinner, but I quickly repent and try not to sin the same sin again. I brought two souls into the Kingdom in January of this year and to God belongs all glory and honor and praise because without His strength and guidance it could not have been done. Without Christ in me and me in Him I would not be the changed person who others look up to and turn to for prayer, advice and help. If I can overcome sin through Christ, anyone can. I am a living testimony to that.

The following is a letter from Charlotte:

My name is Charlotte and I was incarcerated at the Lehigh Co. Prison in Allentown, PA. I was serving a one year sentence for retail theft. That was just one of the many sentences I have served in my 20 year history of crime and drug abuse.

When I arrived at the prison sick, with a drug habit, no self worth, hopeless and broken, I could see no hope what-so-ever that my life would ever change. I was 42 years old with five children. I was in and out of their lives and in and out of rehab centers. Nothing seemed to work for me. I was convinced there was really something wrong with me. I started attending church services, searching for an answer for my emptiness. There was a prison ministry there called Masters Touch. They came in the prison four times a week. It was at those services that I heard your teachings. We listened to you on a cassette tape, and followed along with the books they supplied. Daisy would stop the tapes whenever we had any questions (and I can tell you there were lots of questions). I would like you to know that your teaching was a big part of my life changing. It was then that I received the miracle of life. I have been renewed. My children received a new mother, my parents a new daughter, the world another Christian soul to pass on the Word of God. I love telling people about Jesus and what He has done for me. THANK YOU LES.

Laura's Angel:

We would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Roberta Collins for her steadfast care and time she has spent caring for Laura while she has been hospitalized at Saint Johns in Tulsa.

A Note from Laura: Dear Friends: It has been a little over five months now since my accident and I continue to marvel at and be humbled by the number of you who have asked about me and have told Les and Iris that you are praying for me. I thank the Lord every day for all those prayers and draw strength from that during the discouraging moments. As you all know, I was released to go home from the hospital just before Thanksgiving, but unfortunately in January of this year I had to return to the hospital for care of pressure sores. These sores developed from my being up in my wheelchair so much. This hospital stay will be about two months and tentative plans are that once healed, I will go to Craig Spinal Re-Hab Center in Denver, Co. As for my progress, I now have feeling in my arms, I can move my wrists, and I am beginning to use some tricep muscles, which is certainly an answer to prayers. I am so hoping the Lord sees fit to allow me to regain the use of my hands. Your continued prayers for me and my family will be greatly appreciated, and a heartfelt thank-you to all who have sent me cards, letters and gifts.

Note from the Office Staff: Once again we praise the Lord that through your financial contributions the ministry is reaching more people than ever. The addition of ANGEL channel 262 on Dish Network was an expensive undertaking, but it was clearly a door that was opened by God. We are thankful for the response we are beginning to hear from these new viewers.

Thank you for remembering to indicate whether your checks are for payments or donations on the memo line. This is an immense help to us in the office. Just the invoice number works quite well for payments.

To help with the ever increasing mail, orders, and general office work, the Lord has sent our way three great people to try to fill the giant void left by the (temporary) absence of Laura. Erma, Daniel, and Jennifer have been working very hard to help get the office back on track. Thank you all for your patience with us while we were so understaffed.

Our web master reports that the site received a record number of hits in January. We are encouraged when people can use the material available there and pray that it aids in your understanding of the Word. If you have been to the site, but havenít checked out the linked site Wielding the Sword of the Spirit, I think you would find it a blessings as well.

Finally, I want to mention that we currently have through #62 available in all product forms. Numbers 60 through 62 are on the book of Isaiah, and our dear friend Jerry Pool mentioned that, in his opinion, #62 has one of the best salvation messages yet. Number 63 is in the process of being taped. It will include the conclusion of Isaiah and the Covenants.

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