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Jan - Feb - Mar 2005

Dear Friends,

September 20, 2004 changed everything in our daily routine. Laura, who is not only our daughter, but our ministryís office manager, bookkeeper, and receptionist was, in a matter of seconds, left paralyzed from her neck down. Iíll let her tell "the rest of the story." She was still in intensive care in a Tulsa hospital when it came time to leave for our scheduled meetings in Michigan. Everyone graciously offered to cancel, but Laura insisted that we go. How glad we are that we did. The trees were in their full color glory, and everything else was a tremendous blessing. Besides ministering in several churches, we taught at the Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids. Classes were held for the students in the mornings and open to the public in the evenings. We enjoyed everyone and the school officials and student body were great.

We are refusing all invitations to travel and speak until after our Israel tour. There has been such a great response that we decided to use a second bus. The new cutoff date for registration is Feb. 1st, so those of you who were told the tour was full now have another chance to join us. Due to the political turmoil in the Ukraine the mission has decided to cancel our tour to that area. We are now getting a lot of requests to minister out west, so it seems the Lord is leading in that direction. If possible, we will set up an itinerary to the West Coast the later part of the year. Please contact us if you are interested.


We keep getting questions on the scriptures concerning giving in this age of Grace. A lot of church leaders like to use Malachi 3:8-10 as a means of scaring their people into giving their tithe (tenth). What a travesty! God is speaking to Jews - note verse 4. The store-house is the temple, not the church. This is law. Now for us today the Apostle of the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13) says we are not under the law (Rom. 6:14, Gal. 5:1, Col. 2:14). Consequently, we are led to give by that power within us, the Holy Spirit. II Cor. 9:7, not a word about demand or percentages or when to give. Trust the word of God and not the marketing schemes of mortal men.

When in the last newsletter I addressed the Trinity- I really goofed - but it certainly got folks into their Bibles. We received hundreds of letters and phone calls pointing out our error.

But, for a lame excuse, I was really referring to a verse like I John 5:7 which specifically names all three persons Father, Son (Word), and Holy Spirit. However, this verse is not considered inspired but rather slipped in by someone. Not one person referred to this verse as I had

expected. Most respondents used II Cor. 13:14. On this one I eat "humble pie."


The following was sent to us by a viewer a few weeks ago. Lewis Sperry Chafer was the founder and for many years President of Dallas Theological Seminary. We felt it was a tremendous confirmation of what we have been teaching.

The Perfect Law of Liberty

By Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Perfect Law of Liberty: The child of God is free. He has been delivered from every aspect of the Law as a rule of life, as an obligation to make himself acceptable to God and as a dependence on the impotent flesh.

Likewise, he has been delivered from ideals and conventionalities of the world. He is as free in himself as though he had already passed on into heaven. He has been brought into the priceless liberty of grace.

Against the spoiling of this liberty the Christian is to contend: "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage" (Gal. 5:1). The actual experience of contending for the preservation of liberty which is in Christ Jesus is foreign to the great mass of nominal Christians.

Pressing in on every hand are the false teachings of a law-ridden church, the fleshly ideals of the world and its god, the natural rationalism of the human mind and the everpresent tendency to depend on self.

Against all this, the fact of true liberty in Christ is little known. It is therefore important that the scope and character of Christian liberty be defined, and in so doing, no aspect of liberty is in view other than the liberty which belongs to the child of God under grace.

The Word Liberty is Defined Thus:

"The state of being exempt form the dominion of others, or from restricting circumstances." It is freedom to do according to oneís own preference and choice. It is emancipation. The thought of necessity and servitude is of the Law. Grace glories in liberty and freedom."

Is it not imperative that the children of God should be placed within the bounds of reasonable law? Absolutely No! The Christianís liberty to do precisely as he or she chooses is as limitless and perfect as any other aspect of grace. But God has provided a sufficient safeguard which consists in the fact that the divine ideal is first wrought in the

heart: "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure."

(Phil. 2:13).

Addendum by Les

We must never forget that liberty is not license. That liberty is wrapped in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit who will never lead us contrary to the will of our Heavenly Father.


Dear friends,

As most of you know I was thrown from a horse into a steel panel fence on September 20th and broke my neck at the C 5-6 level. Since that time, I have spent four rough weeks in ICU and five weeks in rehab. In that time my trust in the Lord and all the prayers, phone calls, cards, gifts, and letters from so many of you were what I drew my strength from.

I can not come close to fully expressing my deep gratitude for them. How I wish I could write a note or letter to each of you. As it is, I have limited arm use and no hand use. So this note will have to do for now.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers as my recovery road is long and uncertain. Also remember my husband Jerry and Iris as they are my primary caregivers.

Just praise the Lord with me that I have so many praying for and supporting me. Again, my thanks to all of you for your concern and prayers.


We always want to remind everyone at this time to call or write if you are in need of a year-end donation receipt, and we will be happy to get it to you. We are most appreciative of everyone and want to thank you for keeping this ministry going and growing!

The process of putting menus on the DVDís, like everything else, has been delayed. It is our desire (as Iím sure itís many of yours) that by the time you receive the next newsletter that undertaking will be complete. On a positive note about the DVDís and CDís, they will now be sent in shatter-proof cases. We think this will be quite an improvement and regret we havenít had them all along. Also, there has been a little confusion about the Promotional CD. This disc is for computer use only and will not work in a CD or DVD player.

To keep the good news coming, we are so excited to report that the Lord has provided the opportunity for the program to be aired on Dish Network! Beginning the first week in January, subscribers will be able to find Les on the Sky Angel channel six days a week. The program will air at 11 a.m. Eastern, Monday - Friday and 11:30 on Sundays. We ask that you keep us in prayer in this matter, as it is a big step financially for us.

Last, but not least, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding of our blunders and delays in supplying your needs or requests. It is difficult to express how much and in how many ways Laura is a vital part of the ministry and her absence is greatly noticed here in the office as well as in each of our lives.

We here in the office of the ministry would like to be able to send a Christmas card expressing our best wishes and continued blessings into the New Year. As you all know because we are always behind, this will have to suffice. May each and everyone be continually blessed by the Lord and the freedom to study His Word. With this in mind, we wish you a Christ filled Christmas.

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