Through the Bible with Les Feldick

Oct - Nov - Dec 2003

A Note from Les: Dear Friends,

First of all, our "from the heart" thanks for all the cards and letters received for our 50th anniversary! (and also the prayers that we know are behind each of them!) Iris and I have both read them all twice, and plan to go through them all again at least once more. It is beyond our understanding to see the love expressed by so many to a couple of "country bumpkins!" What a day that will be when we have that great get-together in Glory!

We also appreciated and enjoyed the Muskogee and McAlester class get-togethers... with the cake, food and picture taking - as well as the Tulsa seminar, which turned into more than what we expected! We’re thrilled that all of our children and their families were able to attend (see pictures at the end of this newsletter). We are truly blessed and praise the Lord continually!

In July, we had the opportunity to teach two evening sessions in northwest Pennsylvania before traveling on to eastern Pennsylvania, where one of our listeners has started a women's prison ministry. We were allowed to go in with her and spend a couple of hours each day teaching there in that setting - and the inmates were quite amazed that we would come in and teach in person.

From there, we traveled on to Needmore and enjoyed a home Bible study - and then drove on down to Augusta, WV for a Sunday night class. What a great time! Next stop was Clifton Forge, VA , where we taught for two nights. There were many there who had never heard of us, balanced out by others who were able to get us daily in their homes on television.

We have now had a few weeks at home, but have been entertaining company quite often. We crank up again soon, starting with an all-class Labor Day picnic; then taping on Sept. 3rd, followed by a trip to MN and IA. All of this will be history by the time you get this newsletter. At times, it can get exhausting, but it is always exhilarating to meet and see the response from so many. What an encouragement to hear how lives and homes have been changed because they have gotten into The Word.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as well as the people who send the many prayer requests that come to us. God knows who they are and what their needs are. We get a constant report of prayers answered. For that, we give thanks to our Lord. Sincerely, Les

Bookkeeper’s / Secretary's note: Again, the first thing I have to say is "Thank you!" Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement and for being a part of this ministry in whatever way that you are. For those of you who support in prayer, I thought it would be nice if you could give thanks to our Lord for the "unsung heroes" of the ministry – those being the wonderful, selfless people who transcribe our books and put up our Web page. I cannot even think of words wonderful enough to describe what a blessing they are to us and just wanted to share them with all of you.

I need to let some of you know we are kind of on the slow side here about processing your checks – so please don’t worry if your check does not clear your bank as soon as you think it should. We figured it up one day, and it is not unfeasible for it to take as long as 3 weeks from the time you write it to when it gets back to your bank. We apologize for this, but cannot think of how to speed things up.

If there are any of you home Bible teachers out there that would not mind opening your class to strangers, please let us know so that we can add you to our "state-to-state Bible study lists." We send these out to people requesting information about Bible studies in their area. Unfortunately, the requests for Bible studies far outnumber the teachers/Bible studies available.

Next, as this is the last newsletter before the end of 2003, don't forget to ask for a year-end report if you need one. We will gladly send these, but please ask for one each year, as we have no way of knowing who needs them. So, if you need one, just call or drop a note and we will get that to you.

Last, but not least, we just want to tell you that working here at the ministry has sure made us look forward to Heaven, when we will get to meet all of you that we have talked with on the phone, or come to know from having seen your name so many times in writing. Working here is a true joy and an exercise in spiritual growth – wish you could all come for a day! (and some of you have!)

One more important announcement: LOOK FOR "TURN-AROUND" SOMETIME IN NOVEMBER! Turn-around occurs when those of you watching daily programs catch up with Les's current tapings. This time, we think you will be very near the end of the New Testament when you will then start over again in Genesis. We apologize for using "re-runs," but it is the only way to air daily. Thanks, Laura

What In The World

Those of us who have even a smidgen of Biblical knowledge know that any peace plan that forces Israel to give even one acre over to the Arabs (Palestinians, as they have come to be known of since 1947) is not a road map to peace, but a road map to mass upheaval.

If only the unbelieving world could understand that God deeded everything from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates to Abraham; plus the Jews bought land with hard money and received deeds to land, which were recorded in God's Word.

The first parcel of land given documentation in the Bible is found in Genesis 23, where we find that Abraham bought (from the Canaanites) the parcel of ground that included the Cave of Machpelah.

Approximately 100 years later, a second parcel is recorded in the Bible. Jacob buys a parcel of ground which is recorded in Genesis 33, and we know that it was duly recorded as evidenced by the fact that it was this parcel that became the inheritance of Joshua about 300 years later.

The third piece of ground finding record in scripture is found about 400 years after that. This parcel of land is bought by David from the Canaanite, King Araunah, as found in II Samuel 24. This land is the land that becomes the building site for Solomon's Temple, on which today stands the Muslim shrine, the Dome of the Rock.

So, the most hotly contested pieces of real estate in the Middle East really shouldn't be contested at all – Hebron, bought by Abraham; Nablus, bought by Jacob; and the Temple mount, bought by King David.

But, since our God is sovereign and will one day set everything straight, we know that what mortal men will never do, our great God and Saviour will do when He returns. Surely, as we see the wickedness of the world increasing exponentially, we can confidently look for our upward trumpet call – and then the world will plunge into the horrors of the Tribulation.

As the East coast recently fell into black-out, did you stop to think that this is just a peek through the keyhole as to what is coming? Maranatha (The Lord cometh)!

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